Food for thought…..



Today a thought crossed my mind and I thought I would share.

The moment you become a parent you have everything that you need to do the absolute best job raising your child. Truthfully there is not another person on the planet that can parent your child better than you. So why does it feel like you have no idea what to do? Lack of information and encouragement. And lack of encouragement should probably come first. How often are you told that you are not just doing a good job, but the best job? Probably not as often as you need to hear it.

From the moment that Carter was born, and even before, I worried about whether or not the decisions I was making were the right ones. I asked other parents, my parents, doctors and read books about how to make the best decisions for my child. I agonized over some decisions and followed the guidance of some whether it was really what I wanted to do or not. Then a good friend and fellow new parent said something to me that has changed my outlook on parenting forever. “The moment you were told that you were going to be a mother your maternal instincts kicked in. Listen to them.” The same goes for fathers. The thing is parents, this little person or big person, is the one thing in this lifetime that you can truly be an authority on. So be that. Seek knowledge and information so that the decisions that you make are informed ones, but stop doubting yourself. You would never intentionally hurt your child so stop thinking that you will inadvertently screw them up because at the end of the day as long as you love them unconditionally and try your best, they are going to be great!

Just in case no one else ever tells you….you are doing the best job! Keep it up!



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