Voices in My Head!!

Ever hear voices? I used to…then my son was born. Now the only voice I seem to hear is his – asking for something, telling me something, fussing about something, crying about something, singing about something, laughing about something, going off about something…ok, you get the point.

Listening to this voice over coffee (or chocolate milk, whatever ;-).

Listening to this voice over coffee (or chocolate milk, whatever ;-).


The great thing about blogging is that once I entered this world I found so many other voices. I have read some of the most profound thoughts on other  blogs. Being able to share and receive perspective is invaluable. So I decided to dedicate one day a week on my blog to doing just that. One thing that I tell parents often is that we have to share our experiences with one another. There is no manual for life, parenting, relationships, etc. We learn by experience, ours and those who are willing to share theirs with us. I was inspired to do this when I read the mission of the TED organization….”TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world.”



The word that stood out to me when I read this was change. Ideas have the power to change. So I hope that at least once a week I can contribute to some powerful change by sharing ideas that have changed me. These may or may not have anything or everything to do with education, but they will directly have something to do with life…..let’s change!

This week’s voice: Dean

Dean is a principle that blogs about education on edubabbling.com. As a veteran educator and administrator, Dean offers great perspective and insight.

Follow the link below to his article: 9 ways to help your child learn at home




TED http://www.ted.com

Dean C. http://www.edubabbling.com/9-ways-to-help-your-child-learn-at-home/


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