Speak Life: don’t JUST speak

Ever wonder if anyone is listening? Or if your words have meaning?


When I started blogging again this year I was determined to post everyday. Isn’t that what all the “guides” to successful blogging tell you to do? I began to look at blogging like a job. One of those jobs that puts you in a box, gives you deadlines, has requirements that don’t fit your way of working and that you begin to hate. It didn’t take long before the latter started to happen.

hating your job

Frustrated and confused I had a very enlightening conversation with my best friend. (Side note: if you don’t have a best friend, you really should invest your time into someone that you think is smart and cool and caring and make them your best friend. I do not know what I would do without her ability to know me, know what I need and tell me in whatever terms she thinks fit the situation…invaluable I tell you!) Anywhoo, while complaining to my bestie that I was questioning whether or not blogging was really for me, she stopped me mid-whine session……and told me the TRUTH.

best friends

“When you write from a place of passion and inspiration, it shows. When you don’t, that shows too. You quit your job because you were tired of being confined to the idea of “supposed to,” so don’t choose to put yourself back into that box by forcing yourself to “just speak.” Now, that may not have done much for you, but it sends chills down my spine every time I think about it. She went on to say, “write when you have something to say and when you don’t….be quiet.”

be quiet

As a parent I often hear myself and I know that more often than not, when I am talking to my kid, I’m just talking to be talking. Or better yet, fussing to be fussing.

fussing at the kids

So my kid wants to line his trucks up all the way down the hallway and then see how many he can jump over. Yeah, I guess it’s not the safest idea, but it’s not the most dangerous either. And if I let him do it once, he’d quickly realize that falling on his trucks doesn’t feel good and he’d come up with another way to occupy his time.

playing with trucks

And yeah, letting Carter wash his hands by himself makes for a nice, wet mess that I have to clean up. But, he’s learning to be independent and I stopped using his bathroom when he became potty trained (moms with boys understand precisely why) so I don’t really have to clean the mess constantly. I could spot check through out the day.

kids washing hands

My point is, I spend a great deal of time, “just speaking” to my kid instead of having meaningful conversation with him. And the truth is he longs for this meaningful conversation. He loves when I acknowledge his questions and validate his observations and it is during these times that he learns way more than he ever could in any formal situation I could create.

moms and sons talking

This week as we all purpose to Speak Life into our little ones, be mindful of those moments where you are “just speaking” and take inventory of the moments when  you are using communication to truly connect with your kids. Then make it your goal to increase those meaningful times and decrease those moments of blowing hot air. And when it comes to blogging…..I’m going to do the same.

Speak Life!


6 thoughts on “Speak Life: don’t JUST speak

    • WOW!! Thank for sharing T.D. What a testament to the value of this idea. I appreciate you letting me know that this really does work….when my little one is older I want him to talk my head off still :-).

      Enjoy the teens!

  1. I have often felt the same way when it comes to blogging….feeling the pressure to get articles written a number of times per week. I have also discovered the articles you care about are the only ones worth writing. By the way, I love the way you interact and are raising your son. Very inspiring. Cheers, Dean

    • Glad to know it’s not just me. When I read other blog posts written by writers like yourself that are of such quality each time, I often wonder if I am in the right field. But I agree that writing when inspired is the only way to communicate quality perspective. And thanks so much for the encouraging words. Being a mother is the most challenging job I’ve ever had, but the most rewarding and the absolute best!

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